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Rionald Silaban Director General of State Assets Management
Born in Pekanbaru on April 23, 1966,  Rionald Silaban earned his Bachelor of Law from University of Indonesia in 1989. He continued his study in LLM Common Law Georgetown University in 1993.
Starting his career in the Ministry of Finance in 1990, he was promoted to be Head of Formulation of Recommendations Fiscal Risk Management of Fiscal Policy Agency in 2006 and Head of the Center for Analysis and Policy Harmonization of Secretary General in 2008.
He was appointed as Assistant of Minister for Organization, Bureaucracy, Information, and Technology on January 13, 2012, and then inaugurated as Executive Director at the World Bank in 2015. Commencing on December 16, 2016, he serves as the Assistant of Minister for Macroeconomic and International Financial of Ministry of Finance. Commencing on June 26, 2018, believed to be serving as Head of Financial Education and Training Agency.