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Suryo Utomo Director General of Taxes

Suryo, who was born in Semarang on March 26, 1969, earned his Bachelor Degree in Economics from Universitas Diponegoro. In 1992. He continued his study and earned Master of Business Taxation from University of Southern California, United States in 1998.

Beginning his career in the Secretariat of Directorate General of Tax, Directorate General of Tax of Ministry of Finance in 1993, he once served as the Head of Industrial VAT Section (1998) and Head of Institutional Income Tax Section (2002). Then he was promoted to be the Head of Industrial Value Added Subdirectorate (2002), Head of Foreign Investment III Tax Office (2006), and Head of Large Tax Office I (2008). His career continued for he was promoted to be the Head of Regional Office of Directorate General of Tax of Central Java I (March 28, 2009), Director of Taxation Regulation (2010), and Director of Extensification and Valuation (March 31, 2015). Commencing on July 1, 2015, he serves as the Assistant of Minister for Tax Compliance.