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Logo Information


Logo Kementerian Keuangan
Indonesian Ministry of Finance Logo
General Information :
Motto : Negara Dana Rakca
Shape : Pentagonal
Color scheme : dark blue, golden, white and green
Images :
- Seventeen grains of rice;
- Eight cottons in a row, that is made up of Four cottons with four curves; four cotton with five curves;
- Wings;
- Bludgeon;
- All of those images are inside the pentagonal shape
Arrangements :
- The background of the pentagonal shape is dark blue
- Golden grains of rice
- White cotton with green sepal
- Golden bludgeon
- Golden cup
- White ribbon
- Motto written on dark blue-colored font
- The rice and cotton symbolize our effort in bring out our dream of making a prosperous nation as well as symbolize the date of Indonesian anniversary;
- The wings symbolize adroitness in accomplishing tasks;
- The bludgeon symbolize the effort of collecting, conscripting, and preserving state finance;
- The pentagonal shape symbolize Pancasila.
Full meaning:
The meaning of the logo is the idiom of the effort, which is uniting and harmonizing the work flow, to accomplish the duties of the finance ministry.