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Vision and Mission

Ministry of Finance Vision:
We are going to be the driver of Indonesia’s inclusive economic growth in the 21st Century
To achieve the vision, Ministry of Finance has 5 (five) missions, as follow :
  1. Achieving high compliance in tax and customs and excise through excellent services and tight law enforcement;
  2. Implementing prudent fiscal policy;
  3. Managing central balance sheet with minimum risks;
  4. Assuring revenues to be distributed efficiently and effectively;
  5. Recruiting and retaining the best talents in its class by offering competitive employee’s value proposition. Minister of Finance’s Decree Number 36/KMK.01/2014 concerning Ministry of Finance’s Institutional Transformation Blueprint
KMK 36/KMK.01/2014 tentang Cetak Biru Program Transformasi Kelembagaan Kementerian Keuangan Tahun 2014-2025