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A Single Stamp Duty Tariff of Rp10,000 is to be Imposed in 2021 with a Transition Period

Jakarta, 30/09/2020 Ministry of Finance - The Stamp Duty Law (UU) was stipulated yesterday on Tuesday, 29/09/2020 at the House of Representatives (DPR). Starting in 2021, stamp duty will be subject to a single tariff of Rp10,000.

"Now, the law on stamp duty only costs one single tariff, Rp10,000," said Director General of Taxes Suryo Utomo at a Media Briefing with the Director General of Taxes, Wednesday (30/09) virtually.

However, there is a transition period or a transition period for old stamp duties with a nominal value of Rp3,000 and Rp6,000 to the new tariff next year.

"The new stamp duty law takes effect on January 1, 2021. So, in 2020 still uses the old stamp duty law. The transition is to use unused stamp stocks first, we give space. Because sometimes stamp duties are like us, buy now, but we don't know exactly when (not yet / don't know when) it will be used. So, we will provide a transition for one full year," he explained.

The purpose of this single tariff stamp duty is to provide equality between paper and electronic documents. Second, to support the community and MSMEs (UMKM) at a relatively affordable rate.

In addition, stamp duty is only imposed on documents with a nominal value of more than Rp5 million, those below Rp5 million are not imposed.

"Documents that contain money are only documents that contain amounts of more than Rp5 million. So, on one hand there is a tariff increase, but on the other hand there are certain documents that are worth up to Rp5 million which are not subject to stamp duty," he explained.

Lastly, the aim is for simplification and effectiveness through a single tariff and electronic stamp duty. (nr / ds)