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Batam Logistic Ecosystem Strengthens National Logistics Efficiency and Competitiveness

Jakarta, 18/03/2021 Ministry of Finance - Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan at the launch of the Batam Logistic Ecosystem (BLE), Thursday (18/03), stated that BLE was built so that ports are part of Indonesia logistics connectivity can be more efficient and competitive in terms of costs with other countries such as Singapore.

"We want to be efficient. There is (inter-trade) B2B (Business to Business), G2G (Government to Government), B2G (Business to Government). We want Indonesia to be able to compete from costs. The efficiency of the country across us (Singapore) is 13%, we are 25.19%. The difference is almost 10%, that's cost. Can you imagine if there are so many trades, the difference is 10%, why would they come to Indonesia to invest? As simple as that. If the efficiency is applied, then will gain more revenue," he explained.

He continued, from 18 anchors, those are merged only 6 for efficiency by being controlled, promoted, then the Governor of the Riau Islands helps from the role of the Regional Government (Pemda) so that it is expected from around 81 thousand ships that passing by, if Indonesia can have the share of at least 20%, it will have a significant impact on state revenues.


As an additional information, Batam Logistic Ecosystem (BLE) is part of the National Logistic Ecosystem (NLE). (nr/mr/hpy)