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Civil Servants' 13th Salary Will be Disbursed in August 2020

Jakarta, 21/07/2020 MoF - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that the civil servants' 13th salary will be disbursed in August 2020. This 13th salary will be given to Civil Servants, Army, Police under echelon II positions as in when giving the Religious Holiday Alowance (THR) in last May 2020.

"The 13th salary payment will be planned in August 2020. We pay attention to the Religious Holiday Alowance policy last May, which is not given to state officials, echelon I officials, echelon 2 officials, and officials of their own level. However, the 13th salary and pension is given to all Civil Servants, Army, Police who are not included in state officials, echelon I, echelon 2 officials, and officials of the same level," she explained on a virtual press conference about 13th salary in Jakarta on Tuesday (21/07).

The total budget prepared is Rp28.5 trillion consisting of Rp14.6 trillion from State Budget for salaries and allowances attached to the central Civil Servants salary of Rp6.73 trillion. Meanwhile, the 13th pension is Rp7.86 trillion. The regional Civil Servants through the Local Government State Budget is Rp13.89 trillion.

The provision of the 13th salary is also the government's strategy for economic stimulus so that consumption activities remain continue during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The regulations for implementing the 13th salary in 2020 are carried out through revisions to Government Regulation (PP) 35/2019 and PP 38/2019. (nr/ds)