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Deflation in July 2020 was 0.10%

Jakarta, 03/08/2020 MoF - Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded deflation in July 2020 of 0.10% with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 104.95.

Deflation occurred due to lower prices as indicated by decrease in several indexes for the expenditure group, namely the food, beverage and tobacco group by 0.73%; housing, water, electricity, and household fuels group of 0.01%; and the transportation group of 0.17%.

Meanwhile, the expenditure group that experienced an increase in index were the clothing and footwear group by 0.09%; equipment, tools, and household routine maintenance group by 0.10%; health group of 0.29%; the information, communication and financial services group of 0.02%; recreation, sports, and culture group by 0.15%; education group of 0.16%; the food and beverage / restaurant supply group by 0.15%; and personal care and other services group of 0.93%.

Of the 90 CPI cities, 61 experienced deflation and 29 cities experienced inflation.
The inflation rate for the calendar year (January-July) 2020 is 0.98% and the year-on-year inflation rate (July 2020 against July 2019) is 1.54%. (nr / ds)