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Foreign Exchange Reserve in September 2020 is Quite High

Jakarta, 07/10/2020 Ministry of Finance - Bank Indonesia (BI) released Indonesia's foreign exchange reserve figure at the end of September 2020 amounting to 135.2 billion US dollars. This amount is quite high, although it has decreased compared to end of August 2020 (y-o-y) of 137.0 billion US dollars.

The foreign exchange reserve figure is equivalent to financing 9.5 months of imports or 9.1 months of imports and servicing of government external debt, and is above the international adequacy standard of around 3 months of imports.

The decline in foreign exchange reserve in September 2020 was influenced, among others, by the payment of government external debt and the need to stabilize the Rupiah exchange rate amidst high global financial market uncertainty. (nr/ds)