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Green and Digital Economy, Indonesia's Great Opportunities in the Long Term

Jakarta, 22/01/2021 MoF - Green economy and digital economy are two global economic trends, especially in developed countries. Indonesia must be able to catch-up so that its economy will catch-up in the long term.

"In the long term, I see we have strength in green products and green economy. These will develop. We have a great opportunity to enter green products and the green economy in terms of production, distribution and consumption,” said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as quoted from the Secretariat Cabinet (Setkab) website.

Increasing public awareness of environmental sustainability makes green products and economy continue to develop. It is believed that this will influence the global economy and business. This will also have an impact on the Indonesian economy.

In addition of the green economy, the President also sees that in the current era, all sectors will inevitably come to the digitization stage. In the midst of the current rapid digital economy, the Head of State stated that industry is required to adapt to technological developments.

"The government, education, to the health sector must all enter into digitization so that it is more efficient, competitive, and we can compete with other countries," he said.

The Head of State asked all parties to be able to answer these challenges and opportunities. According to him, the year 2021 can be used as a momentum for all to rise up and get through the crisis period to make Indonesia an increasingly resilient and advanced country.

"The year 2021 is our momentum to rise. If we are able to pass through this crisis period well, we will be better prepared to respond to future challenges and transform our country into a new, more resilient, and developed economy, "he said. (nr / mr / hpy)