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Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency Explained The 2021 State Budget in the International Seminar of West Java Economic Community

Jakarta, 25/11/2020 Ministry of Finance - Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency (Head of BKF) Febrio Kacaribu in the West Java Economic Society International Seminar themed "Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery: Policies and Actions" on Wednesday (25/11) conveyed the budget policy of 2021 State Budget. West Java Economic Society (WJES) or West Java Economic Community (Jabar) is a combination of West Java Bank Indonesia with the Bandung Branch of the Indonesian Economics Association (ISEI) and academics from various disciplines who have the initiative to contribute to the West Java economy through knowledge contributions and thought.

"The government directs the 2021 State Budget policy to accelerate economic recovery and transformation. Priorities are especially for the human resources, health, education, social protection, infrastructure sectors. We hope these sectors can help economic recovery and structural reforms. The government will also focus on food security, ICT infrastructure development as well as tourism sector," explained Febrio.

More specifically, the budget prepared for education is Rp550 trillion, health Rp169.7 trillion, social protection Rp421.7 trillion, food security  Rp104.2 trillion, infrastructure Rp413.8 trillion, ICT Rp29.6 trillion and tourism Rp15.7 trillion.

The National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) will also be continued in 2021 with a total budget allocation of Rp372.1 trillion used for the health sector Rp25.4 trillion, social protection Rp110.2 trillion, MSME support Rp48.8 trillion, business incentives Rp20.4 trillion, sectoral and local government Rp152.4 trillion and corporate financing Rp14.9 trillion. (nr / ds)