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Indonesia's Foreign Debt Quarter II 2019 is Under Control

Jakarta, 08/15/2019 MoF - Bank Indonesia (BI) released Indonesia's foreign debt (ULN) at the end of the second quarter of 2019 which is under control with a healthy structure. Indonesia's external debt amounted to 391.8 billion US dollars consisting of government and central bank debt amounting to 195.5 billion US dollars, and private debt (including SOEs) amounting to 196.3 billion US dollars.

Indonesia's foreign debt grew 10.1% (yoy), higher than the previous quarter's growth of 8.1% (yoy). This was mainly influenced by the nett foreign debt withdrawal transaction and the strengthening of the Rupiah to the US dollar so that debt in Rupiah was recorded higher in US dollar denominations. The increase in foreign debt growth was mainly driven by government external debt, amid a slowdown in private foreign debt.

The management of government foreign debt is prioritized for development with the largest portion in a number of productive sectors that support economic growth and improvement of people's welfare, namely the health service sector and social activities (18.9% of total Government foreign debt), the construction sector (16.4%), the education services (15.9%), government administration, defense and compulsory social security (15.2%), and financial and insurance services (14.0%). (nr/ds)