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January-August 2019 Inflation was Lower Than August 2018-August 2019 Inflation

Jakarta, 02/09/2019 MoF - Statistics Indonesia (BPS) released August 2019 inflation rate of 0.12 percent. The inflation rate for the calendar year (January-August) 2019 was 2.48 percent and the inflation rate year-on-year (August 2019 to August 2018) was 3.49 percent.
Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 138.75. Out of 82 CPI cities, 44 cities experienced inflation and 38 cities experienced deflation.
The core component in August 2019 experienced inflation of 0.43 percent. The inflation rate for the core calendar year components (January-August) 2019 was 2.32 percent and the inflation rate for the core components year-on-year (August 2018 to August 2019) was 3.30 percent.
Inflation occurred due to price increases as indicated by an increase in most indexes of the expenditure group, namely the processed food, beverages, cigarettes, and tobacco group by 0.26 percent; housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel by 0.23 percent; clothing group by 0,88 percent; health group of 0.59 percent; and the education, recreation and sports group by 1.21 percent.
While expenditure groups that experienced a decrease in the index, namely: the foodstuffs group by 0.19 percent and the transportation, communication and financial services group by 0.55 percent. (nr/ds)