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May 2019, Realization of the State Budget is Relatively Quite Well

Jakarta, 21/06/2019 MoF - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that the realization of the State Budget until the end of May 2019 is relatively quite well. This was stated in APBN KiTa (State Budget Performance and Facts) press conference on Friday (21/06) at Djuanda Hall, Juanda I Building, Ministry of Finance, Jakarta.

"If we see from economic activity, there are several indicators that show the economy is running quite well. This can be seen from Indonesia's PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) of 51.6. A figure above 50 means that it is still expand. So, there is a significant increase in terms of production, especially manufacturing. For consumption, the Consumer Confidence Index (IKK) rose 128.2. The business tendency index is also positive. In general, the implementation of the State Budget until May 31, 2019 is quite good," she explained.

In general, in terms of state revenues, it grew by 6.2% or Rp728.5 trillion, higher than the previous month (mtm).

"From state revenues, the growth of state revenues is 6.2%. This is better than in April at 0.5%. From tax revenue growth of 5.7%. This is also better than last April's growth of 4.7%. So, there is a strong momentum. For PNPB (Non-Tax State Revenues) the growth is 8.6%. This also improves compared to April which experienced a contraction or negative growth of 14.8%," she explained.
In terms of state expenditure there was a significant increase because the allocation of social assistance increased compared to 2018.

"For state expenditure, absorption until the end of May grew compared to last year at 9.8%," she explained.

The figure for the realization of the deficit to May was negative 0.79 to GDP. While the primary balance is close to 0 or a deficit of Rp0.4 trillion. The position of government debt is still at the level of 29.72% to GDP. (nr/ds)