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Minister of Finance Expects IAEI to Answer Indonesian Economic Problems from Islamic Values Aspect

Jakarta, 09/06/2021 Ministry of Finance – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati as Chairperson of the Indonesian Islamic Economist Association (IAEI) asked all levels in the association to participate in answering Indonesia's economic problems. This was conveyed when she was the main speaker at the IAEI Halal Bihalal which was held virtually, Wednesday (09/06).

"As the association of Islamic economists in Indonesia, of course we also cannot be separated from this Covid phenomenon that affects our economy. We also have to think hard about how we can all contribute to restoring the economy,” said the Minister of Finance.

On the occasion, the Minister of Finance stated that during this pandemic the challenges of the global economy are the distribution of recovery and limited access to vaccines. In addition, the increase in commodity prices also needs to be aware of, especially for food and mining commodities.

"I hope that all ranks of Indonesian Islamic economists study and understand the global and national economic context, so that we can continue to contribute ideas that can truly answer Indonesia's economic problems, although it is also seen and emphasized from the aspect of Islamic values," continued the Minister of Finance.

The IAEI network continues to grow with the majority in academics based at home and abroad, adding to the positive points of this organization. With a wide network, of course the content and quality of academics in the field of Islamic economics continues to increase. In this case, understanding and mastery of techniques and methods for analyzing economic indicators also increases.

“At the end, we hope that economics related to resource allocation can be carried out with Islamic principles, namely justice, transparency, integrity, and also support for those who are least able to be realized in our policies and this will achieve the goals of Islam itself which is to be a blessing for the whole world, rahmatan lil alamin," concluded the Minister of Finance. (dj/ip/hpy)