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State Revenue Realization in Semester I is Rp811.2 Trillion

Jakarta, 20/07/2020 Ministry of Finance - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati explained the performance of the State Budget for the end of June 2020 at the APBN KiTa (State Budget Performance and Facts) press conference on Monday (20/07) virtually in Jakarta. Total state revenues amounted to Rp811.2 trillion. Overall state revenue realization in the first semester of 2020 experienced a deep contraction, except for grants of Rp1.7 trillion and revenues from customs and excise Rp93.2 trillion.

"The 2020 State Budget realization for the first semester, state revenues Rp811 trillion up to the first semester or 47.7% of the Presidential Regulation No.72, (amounting) Rp1,699 trillion. That is what we have revised from the initial State Budget. When compared with last year's realization, this figure contracted 9,8% from our revenue. If it is viewed from the whole, the revenue posts, our income contracted quite deeply, except for grants and the Directorate General of Customs and Excise. We will continue to be aware of and indeed in Presidential Regulatin No. 72, it has indicated our income will be 10% lower," explained the Minister.

In more detail, she continued, the revenue from taxation is Rp624.9 trillion or 44.5% of the Presidential Regulation target. Compared to last year, there was a contraction of 9.4%. Of the tax revenue of Rp531.7 trillion or 44.4% compared to last year's Rp604.3 trillion, or a contraction of 12% in tax revenue.

Then from customs and excise revenues, it still grew positively Rp93.2 trillion or 45.3% of the Presidential Regulation. Compared to last year's Rp85.6 trillion, it has grown by 8.8%. Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) of Rp184.5 trillion or 62.7% of the total Perpres No.72, namely Rp294 trillion compared to last year, a contraction of 11.8%. (nr / ds)