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President Jokowi held a child while inviting the President of the World Bank to review the stunting handling program at SDN Tangkil 01, Caringin District, Bogor Regency (04/07)

Stunting Handling in Indonesia is Appreciated by The World Bank President

Bogor, 05/07/2018 (MoF) - President Joko Widodo together with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Wednesday (04/07) went to Tangkil Village, Caringin District, Bogor Regency to directly inspected the handling of stunting in Indonesia.

The problem of growth disorders in children (stunting) is something that happens in many developing countries. The issue must be quickly addressed because it involves the growth and development of children and the contribution to the development of the country in the future.

Quoted from the official release of Deputy of Protocol, Press and Media Section Secretariat of President Bey Machmudin, stunting handling conducted through nutrition improvement undertaken by the Government of Indonesia is to provide additional food for pregnant women and toddlers.

"We have initiated the program to reduce stunting by providing supplementary feeding and campaigns through centers for pre- and postnatal health care and information for women and children under five (Posyandu), and we hope that this can really reduce stunting in our country, not only in Bogor Regency, but also other districts and provinces," President stated.

In addition, the Government considers, among other things, the use of the latest technology and to involve of the private sector to address the problem.

"We want to use technology, engage the private sector, use new innovations, and involve Islamic organizations and other religions for this reduction of stunting as soon as possible," he said.

The President of the World Bank says that stunting handling requires strong commitment and leadership from the government. According to him, Indonesia can be an example for other developing countries.

"I would like to invite the world to learn from Indonesia on this matter, because Indonesia shows the world that with strong leadership and political commitment, the use of technology, by involving all stakeholders, stunting handling can be solved," he said. (nr / rsa)