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Tax Reports Must Submitted Through e-Filing

Jakarta, 07/02/2019 MoF - Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) issued Regulation of the Director General of Taxes Number PER-02/PJ/2019 concerning Procedures for Submission, Receipt, and Processing of Notices that require Taxpayers to use E-Filing in submitting their tax reports.

As quoted from the Tax site, this regulation requires that Corporate Taxpayers registered at the Medium Tax Office, Special Jakarta Regional Tax Office, Large Taxpayers Regional Office must submit Annual Tax Returns, Article 21/26 Income Tax Returns and VAT Tax Returns by e-Filing.

In addition, certain Taxpayers such as Taxpayers who deduct Income Tax (PPh) from more than 20 employees are also required to submit Article 21/26 Income Tax Returns and Taxable Entrepreneurs (PKP) to submit VAT Periodic Tax Returns by e-Filing.

If the Taxpayers submit the tax report (SPT) directly or sends it by post, then the SPT cannot be received and will be returned to the Taxpayer.

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