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The Asset Manager Competition Brought Innovative Asset Managers, These Are The Winners

Jakarta, 24/11/2020 MoF - The State Asset Management Agency (LMAN), which is one of the Special Mission Vehicles (SMV) under the Ministry of Finance, held a competition for conceptual and idea optimization of state assets entitled The Asset Manager, which was attended by more than 50 teams from Ministries / Agencies, Public Service Agencies, Local Governments and State-Owned Enterprises. Through this event, LMAN seeks to promote collaboration, synergy and innovation in managing state-owned goods to optimize state assets in an innovative and creative way, in order to bring benefits to society.

"The theme of optimizing state assets is something that must be in the DNA of all asset managers. Not only in the Ministry of Finance, but also in all agencies whether it is the Ministry, Local Government, he/she must have a sense that managing assets also has an important responsibility on how to optimize it," said Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati at The Asset Manager 2020 Competition Grand Final organized by LMAN via video conference on Tuesday (24/11).
The Asset Manager 2020 is the 3rd activity held regularly by LMAN, and produces the concept of optimizing state assets and the asset manager community which has the potential to have an impact on increasing awareness and implementing creative and innovative optimization of state assets. Thus, it is also hoped that the optimization of state assets as a fiscal tool will provide benefits to the country's economy and public welfare.


"I hope the finalists will present various ideas that can deliver those ideas to other asset managers and by competing in an open and healthy manner, we will be able to continuously improve our ideas. Never stop to be creative, productivity will be even more spurred if we are competitive and think positively," the Minister concluded.

For information, The Asset Manager is divided into two categories, namely Maestro (Ministries/Agencies, Local Government and Non-Regional Public Service Agencies) and Master (MSMEs Property & Regional Public Service Agencies). After the juries assesment, the 1st place winner for The Asset Manager 2020 in the Maestro category is achieved by BP3IP of the Ministry of Transportation with the proposed concept of utilizing multifunctional assets for the hospitality and coworking space industry, while for the Master category, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk won with the concept of utilizing creative MSME retail assets and coworking space. This concept is considered to be able to support the MSME sector and the creative industry in order to support national economic recovery. (ip/hpy/nr)