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The Government Prepares Recovery Steps to Protect the National Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jakarta, 06/04/2020 Ministry of Finance - National Economic Recovery Program in article 11 Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) Number 1 of 2020 is mentioned as a step to protect, maintain and enhance the economic capacity of business people from the real sector and financial sector in running their business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recovery program during the COVID-19 period was carried out through State Capital Participation (PMN), Government investment, guarantee activities under the scheme established by the government, and regulated further by Government Regulation (PP).

State Capital Participation is conducted through a designated State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN). While the placement of funds and / or government investment can be done directly by the government and / or through financial institutions, investment managers, and / or other designated agencies.

The guarantee scheme can be run directly by the government and / or through one or several appointed guarantee business entities.

The implementation of the State Financial Policy continues to pay attention to good governance. Budget changes, details and steps are regulated in the PP, reporting will be reported in the Central Government Financial Report (LKPP). (nr/aw)