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The Need and Distribution of Financing in Quarter I 2021 is Predicted to Increase

Jakarta, 20/01/2021 MoF - Bank Indonesia (BI) conducted a survey on demand and supply of financing for the December 2020 period. From this survey, it is evident that the need for corporate financing has increased in the first quarter of 2021, especially to support operational activities. This is indicated by the weighted net balance (WNB) of corporate financing needs for the next 3 months of 17.1%.

The increase in financing needs mainly occurred in the manufacturing, construction and trade sectors. Some of the corporate financing needs are planned to use bank credit, but some will be met from their own funds (retained earnings).

It is indicated that additional financing made by households in the next 3 and 6 months is still limited. The financing needs by households that are still limited will mainly be submitted to Commercial Banks with the majority type of financing in the form of Multi-Purpose Loans.

From the supply side of banks, new credit disbursements are predicted to start to increase in early 2021. This is indicated by the WNB forecast for new loan disbursements in January 2021, which is 53.1% higher than the WNB forecast for new credit disbursement in December 2020 at 42.8%.

Based on bank groups, the increase is predicted in Islamic Commercial Banks and Commercial Banks, while based on type of usage, the highest increases are in Working Capital Loans (KMK) and Home Ownership Loans (KPR). (nr / mr / hpy)