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These are The 2019 Election Budget Allocation Details

Jakarta, 26/03/2019 MoF - General Election (Election) in 2019 is the first election held simultaneously between the Presidential Election (Pilpres) and Legislative Elections (Pileg) in Indonesia.
Director General of Budget Askolani explained the amount of the budget related to this democratic party. With preparations since 2017, the total budget, excluding the supporting budget and supervision, until 2019 amounted to Rp25.59 trillion.
"Based on the data, the budget allocation for initial preparation in 2017 is around Rp465.71 billion. Then in 2018 reaches Rp9.33 trillion. Furthermore, in 2019, we have budgeted up to Rp15.79 trillion. So, the total in those 3 years we are preparing a budget of IDR 25.59 trillion," he explained.
The details of budgeting allocations for the 2019 Election are divided into groups for implementation, supervision and supporting activities such as security. Budget for implementation is IDR 25.59 trillion in the General Election Commission (KPU). While the supervision budget is set at Rp4.85 trillion and the security budget is allocated Rp3.29 trillion.
"This composition can be different. For example, for the budget in the KPU to run elections Rp25.59 trillion. For supervision, it reaches Rp4.85. Then supporting activities (security, education and information disclosure) can reach Rp3.29 trillion," he detailed.
However, due to the merger of these simultaneous elections, there are cost efficiencies such as from the ballot boxes, witnesses, and so on.
"So, normally the preparations for the presidential and legislative elections must be funded for each election, but now both can be combined. For example (budget for) ballot boxes, witnesses, etc. On the other hand, it is intended to merge to be cost-efficient. Can you imagine twice a year holding it, it's wasting time, HR, costs, (where before) we have to do activities (Pilpres and Pileg) twice, (ie) April and October," he explained.
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