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This is the Government's Plan for Managing Assets in Jakarta if New Capital City in Penajam is Official

Jakarta, 14/02/2020 MoF - Many questions about what the government will do to manage the assets of the City of Jakarta if the New Capital City in North Penajam Paser, Kalimantan is official in 2024. The Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) gave its statement at the DJKN office on Friday (14/02). It is planned that assets estimated at Rp1,400 trillion in Jakarta will be cooperated with the private sector to generate revenue. Utilization of assets is planned in the form of concessions, there are no asset sales.

"We have mapped assets in Jakarta of around Rp1,400 trillion. We have mapped out which ones we might want to take advantage of, not for sale. We want Jakarta to live as well (aside master plan in the new capital city). To make use of this is to preserve existing assets in Jakarta. Whether it still being used, or is it being cooperated with the private sector, so it will generate revenue. At the beginning, one of the plans for the new capital city financing plan is generated from the utilization of assets in Jakarta. For example, given a 30-year concession," said Director of State Owned Asset of DJKN Encep Sudarwan.

He added, with investors also been discussed about the discourse of international tourism branding in Jakarta such as Disneyland, Legoland, Universal. Likewise, various regions in SCBD such as property like Ministry of Education buildings which are located adjacent to the FX mall in Senayan that attract many investors. However, since it is not yet confirmed whether the capital city will really move, thus there is no strong commitment yet. It still needs further review. (nr/ds)