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This is The Summary of The G20 Summit 2020 Results

Jakarta, 23/11/2020 MoF - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati reported the summary of the results of the G20 Summit at the APBN KiTa (Kinerja dan Fakta) or State Budget Fact and Performance press conference virtually on Monday (23/11).

The declaration in the SHERPA Track stated about health, especially in relation to access, affordability of vaccines and how to detect pandemics more quickly.

In trade and investment, it is agreed for a multilateral trading system that is free, fair, inclusive, non-discriminatory and transparent, especially for reforms in WTO.

In the digital economy, developing connectivity, digital technology, and policies to increase the transformation of the digital economy while maintaining free flow of data flow, cross-border, and keep paying attention to security.

For tourism to optimize it, how to manage people flow to not causing the pandemic getting worse.

The issue of women empowering is also being discussed because women during the Covid pandemic is a segment that is severely affected compared to men, so they needed to be outweighed more. 

Furthermore, employment, because Covid caused more people loss their jobs.

Sustainable development and climate change were also discussed, especially renewable energy for energy supply for economic growth and the response to Covid-19.

For finance, how fiscal and monetary help the economy and action plans to restore the economy of the G20 countries and structural policies to strengthen the economy.

"This is in line with Indonesia which has carried out an omnibus law in the field of taxation and reform of the state budget in terms of taxes, spending, sectoral fields such as education and health," she explained.

Poor countries are given relaxation to pay their debts due to the pressure of Covid-19 through debt treatment and DSSI. There is also support for the 16th IMF review, especially in terms of the adequacy of those poor countries' resources.

Then also discussed infrastructure finance (infrastructure investment) and international taxation.

The financial sector also discusses supervision of stable coins in all jurisdictions.

In addition, the G20 Presidency is going to have Italy as the host for 2021 with the big theme people, planet, prosperity. Indonesia is also asked to host the following year in 2022. (nr / ds)